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Our soundclick layouts are #1 compared to our competitors, graphics are very high in quality and we give you the freedom of designs!  You can simply create and build your own design at the price you can afford! We offer free installation (5-10 business day turn around) or you can order quick turn around times up to 48 hours with additional charges! Sure, we have set prices on some packages to make it quick and easy, but our most popular is the "Build It Yourself" form.  With this form you can go into detail, get the boxes in the layout that YOU want, you can order a HIGH COMPLEX layout by choosing 3D options or you can go with a standard 2D design!  


Get your custom design today from InfiniteGFX.com and see what everyone is talking about!

Custom Soundclick Designs:

If you don't have a budget for the Custom Soundclick designs don't stress!  We have packages available for ANY budget out there, with our low budget, high end pre made designs you can still have that HD look without breaking your bank!


Our pre made designs vary from $25 - $80 and colors seen in layouts can be changed to your choice of colors.  We update our pre made designs regularly and have a lot of clients who continue to buy new pre made layouts from us!  


These layouts also have a very quick turn around time, they vary from 2-5 Business days depending on your package you select as we have 2 to choose from with each layout!  Visit our Pre Made Designs page today and see what you will find!

Pre Made Soundclick Designs:


All business owners, musicians and artists need websites.  If you don't have a website you may not know the importance of having one!  In 2017 the online money that was spent exceeded $200 Billion!  2018 Will exceed that number almost by 30% and 2019 is projected to be around $600 Billion in money spent!  Having a website and targeting people online who are shopping is very important and is the key to success.  If you need a website you need to contact InfiniteGFX today to get one, our website services are designed to make your experience easy, fast and pain free.  


Why choose our hosting and designs?

It's too easy, you give us the ideas, company name, information about your company, and most importantly, your vision.  Let us do the hard part in creating a Brand and website that can function around the world, allowing you to focus on creating the product you intend to sell.


We integrate ecommerce shopping carts into your website, users who shop online are familiar with the same system we use making it even easier for users to buy on YOUR website!  If you are a musician it is important to have a website that can function on iPhones, Androids and Computers, we take care of EVERYTHING for you!  Our website packages are affordable and we have one available for everyones budget!  

Website Design Services:

Since the majority of our clients are musicians we realize how many don't have proper image promotions and those who don't have a quality made CD cover are less likely to SELL ALBUMS!  


Yes, that is right, having an image that is appealing and eye catching helps you make album sells!  If this comes as a surprise to you, it really shouldn't.  Fans of music like buying albums and music from those who are very successful and popular, they may not know it but whatever is "trending" they are more likely to buy.  What if you could have an album cover that sends them this message but with their vision?


May sound crazy, sure, but numbers don't lie.  The artist who has an appealing CD cover sitting next to the average Joe will have a 110% chance in making that sale over the competitor!  The best thing about this is that our services are VERY CHEAP!  We have a number of packages we offer for album covers, we also can create flyers for upcoming events, shows and release parties!  If you need an "image" we can provide the "service".

Album Covers / Photo Touch Ups:

album-cd-cover-mockup-2 View Our Album Design Packages View Our Pre Made Layouts View Our Custom Packages Build Your Own Package

Preview:  Medium Complexity - Package A

Layout #010

Album artwork package - Industry

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