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2019 Featured Designs!

Layout #025   |   $25.95

This layout features the following:

-Your Name inserted at the top

-Vip embeded player from your soundclick

-Embeded buy now button code from your paypal

-Social network links (facebook, twitter, youtube and email)

-Ownership rights displayed (Standard, Premium, Exclusive)

-News Feed box for updates / promos (editable)

-Mailing list sign up (for your shoppers)

About Our Company has been a provider of soundclick layouts for producers online for over 10 years, consistantly putting out over 100 designs each month and maintaining a world ranking of #1 on search engines.  We take time with every design we put out, not only are we good at designing a cutting edge layout for our clients, we are also SEO specialists!  We will design a full website for you whether you sell music, clothes or fruit online we can provide a system that will generate more income for you and also give your brand that one of a kind image that it needs.


We don't only create websites and soundclick layouts, we also provide high quality logo designs/brandings, CD Covers for musicians, Video Editing, Audio Engineering/Mixing and Mastering and even Marketing!  

Why has been the leader in Soundclick Layouts for over 10 years.  Dominating the search engines and providing quality layouts to each client.  Over hundreds of new layouts and designs out each month, InfiniteGFX is constantly growing and helping producers around the world create that image that they need.  

Reasons for choosing us?

-HD graphics

-Freedom of design (you can choose a package or get into detail and select every single design option you want in your layout)

-Competitive pricing.

-Our prices are the most affordable on the market that you will find, from website design to soundclick layouts our prices beat our competitors.


InfiniteGFX  knows much more about the "business" sides of things then our competitors.  We work with a team of musicians and create a brand for them as well as market their material to their targeted niche.  Other designers don't have the knowledge of soundclick like we do,  this gives us the upper edge simply because we know what the artist wants.  We understand how the system should be used in order to acheive the most sales and we have come up with a design for our layouts that lets the artist know that you run a business.  

Questions? Visit our FAQ page! See what our clients say! GO CUSTOM | CLICK HERE FOR PACKAGES

Our newest layout - #027  |  $25.95

This layout features the following:

-Your Name inserted at the top

-Vip embeded player from your soundclick

-Buy now button x1 manual checkout

-Ownership rights displayed (Standard, Premium, Exclusive)

-Social Network links (twitter, facebook, youtube and email)

**3 Variations | Instant store, Drum Kits / sound banks, Basic**

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Soundcloud Site #001   |   $59.95 / year

Do you prefer to upload your beats to soundcloud?  Well this is just the site for you!  We integrate your soundcloud player and your buy now button onto this 2 page website!  It also has a contact page which will display your social links and a form for your shoppers to fill out for inquires!


This site is only $59.95 each year, in 12 months you can choose to renew it or go elsewhere if it's not for you.

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